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As an empath, highly sensitive person and intuitive, I aim to see the light in others. My life experience has taken me through some dark times, but I have emerged stronger and more open hearted. This is how I show up as a helper.

My training also makes me unique and innovative in my approach. I am a licensed creative arts therapist and registered drama therapist in the state of New York. I want you to know that I am an ally dedicated to cultivating an inclusive and affirming environment for individuals across diverse gender identities, expressions and marginalized communities.

My mission is to empower individuals and couples by helping them tap into their creativity, inner wisdom, and personal power for self-healing and relational growth.

Through my work, I guide clients in exploring their true selves, rediscovering the joy of play, and fostering deeper connections with themselves and others. I firmly believe in a collaborative approach, where I serve as a supportive guide, recognizing that you are your own best healer.

Taking that initial step toward engaging in therapy is a heroic journey, and I acknowledge your courage in embarking on it.

- Jamie McCoppin, LCAT, RDT
Creative Arts Therapist | Drama Therapist
Pronouns: she/her/hers


My Specialties

High-achieving Women

Establish healthier work-life boundaries, prioritize self-care, and achieve balance. You can learn to allocate time for personal needs and relationships, reducing stress and promoting greater satisfaction.

Couples & Relationships

My main goal in couples therapy is to improve and strengthen the relationship by addressing challenges, enhancing communication, and fostering emotional intimacy.

Your Personal Growth Begins Here.

I will help you embark on the path to the life you aspire to lead.

Contact Me

Feel free to send me a message, and I get back to you within 24 hours to set up free consultation.

225 Broadway, New York, NY, USA
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